The look in her eyes I saw the joy and happiness. Smiley's eyes expressed optimism of her love life beyond age 70. Nobody else is the "world's most beautiful Grandma stuff": she's done Two20150722-gap-quot-ba-cu-dep--the-about-the "-o-pho-co-hoi-an-1

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In motion program 24 h broadcast on 13/7 made a documentary short about her stuff with the title "model U70 in Hoi". When the REPORTER brought the picture with the title "world's most beautiful Grandma Stuff" go ask people Hoian not not recognize the person in the photo is the Second stuff done. Thus, the REPORTER easily figure out the "beautiful people" is famous in this photo. The photo was taken by a French photographer named Réhahn when he went to Vietnam, made thousands of different portrait photos to carve crisp and vivid illustrations for the beauty of the Vietnamese people.


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Thanks to the sincere love with the land and people, each corner image, author blow to landscape or portrait images are separate identities. In the summer of 2001, Réhahn to Hoi An and have special encounters with the Lady passenger boatman Bui thi. From this accidental predestined put the life of stuff she aged 74 and French photographers moved to the new page.


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Photos taken Two stuff Done on the Thu Bon River in Hoi An by Réhahn taken has posted on the page of the newspaper the Los Angeles Times on December 1, 2014 and was chosen as the cover image for the book entitled "Vietnam, mosaic of contrasts" (translates to: Vietnam-the puzzle pieces in contrast) of Réhahn. Photographer born in 1979 so in love Vietnam and so he moved to live in Hoi An by 2011, opened a small gallery and often come phượt throughout Vietnam by motorbike. A lot of beautiful portraits of people who were born in Vietnam on this trip.Buc--ba-cu-hoi-an-noi-Payam-the-about-1552862

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Hat to conceal the sunshine of summer, aboard their small boats, Two tools just Finished rowing boats just drunk talking REPORTER, throughout the process, the fresh seafood always smile blooming on lip stuff. The smile, the wrinkles on my face having their stuff seem to flood the blue spirit, friendly, and above all the gaiety of life brimming in his eyes.

When asked about the photo, "nature Three years ago, which I am 67 years old. He is going down to the boats and taken. More hello, they asked if I didn't, I found them to be the most beautiful woman on the images in the world, "said smiling crispy stuff melt obscures go almost toothless mouth and voice brought bold mark of old age.

According to the people here, there is no instrument jokes. "Always smiling stuff, see stuff is stuff jokes, maybe stuff her very happy", "labor Tools very hard but always optimistic love life, feel I'm still young, to try more", the Hoi An people share.

Nice tools, tool eye is fresh looks fun, smile of the instrument has spread by someone who saw the smile and the eyes of the instruments are real sensory smiling. Asked why the instrument can always laugh laughing and stuff, then answer the mere: "Familiar".

"The poor are poor Themselves, that are happy. Well, you see at the hungry? ", the share of instruments will probably make the world jealous. Busy life, anxiety, not everyone can keep his permanent smile on the lips and a positive attitude in life. The story of stuff she is the world's most beautiful precious message for each of us, that though the difficult but always smiling and positive life. By your smile is exactly messages spread happiness in life.

Does the image of the stuff Done also appears on Bui Thi magazines, travel publications in many countries.


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