Reaching Out Tea House in Hoi An is an experience by itself. Just by entering you are in a different world … you automatically stop talking and just enjoy the atmosphere of this tea house.11050151_614203328716753_818359091774754391_n

Hoi An Tea House

They serve delicious coffee, tea and biscuits – traditional and locally made. Most staff are hearing impaired or deaf – a interesting experience as you write down you order and have little wooden blocks with words to communicate. It’s a calm and quiet place – the beauty of silence. An oasis of tranquility in the bustling centre of Hoi An. It is a must visit when you are in Hoi An … located in the middle of the Hoi An old town (131 Tran Phu, Hoi An 510, Vietnam) you can’t miss it.



The beauty of silence

Just simple gestures and smiles combined with gracious and hospitable service help to relax and enjoy your tea or coffee undistracted. A special kids room provides some toys to keep the little ones entertained and the outdoor area is just magnificent. The tea house itself is an ancient house decorated in a traditional vietnamese manner – just beautiful.





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