Just steps to the night market, Nguyen Hoang, will Gershwin you a beautiful, small booths, each stacked cake is arranged, the presentation neat rhetoric. Above is a pretty modest “signs”: “roll her America”.

Untitled-1 cakes, Chutneys, rice paper roll and sweet potato rice …

 American girl Cafe selling mainly cakes, Chutneys, rice paper roll and sweet potato rice. Make sure you also do something strange with cakes and chili-two famous specialities of Hoi An. Me too, I am just the most impressive is the sweet potato roll by your husband and wife do. Cake flour is made from sweet potatoes, sprinkle some fresh ginger and sesame. Taste of bread, Sesame and greasy of sweet potatoes, bake up yellow, when the bite generated cries sounded brittle melted in the mouth.

She is one of the few who do have sweet potato cake in Hoi An in Hoi An. Although this is the rustic, little craft lyrics but is the family’s main source of income. Besides the sweet potato pies cakes and chili are also equally delicious, are you choose purchase from the prestigious Centre in Hoi An that resale prices affordable. You should be very happy funny people and visitors.

If you do not come to the night market was then able to fall in Hoi An in the day asked her booth selling American rice paper is going to have people only. In particular, she only sold the right price so you don’t bargain. She also teaches baking classes open those you need and love the sweet potato pies.

Address: 2/16 Naidu, Hoi An.


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