Hoi Pho, a delicious cuisine, exotic medium again. Anyone ever eat PHO Hoi, go far back to the cravings cravings, remember remember the pure, sweet flavor from the bone, strong as the people of central way

Phở is a familiar dish of Hoi An people to stomach lining the stomach, warm morning evening or during late at night for those who feel hungry


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PHO Hoi too, it's styled … Hoi An. It has something weird, just as strong, just as very fat noodle type or Western cooking noodle, just like Chinese strange cooking pots and goofy Satay. Also, it is the combination of all three styles on should also. Eating PHO Hoi An just taste broth, you will detect non-bold anise flavor noodle soup water or beef noodle-like odor on the North that Ethereal, gentle, extent, any flavor just enough thoang occasionally.

Noodle yarn used here is the dried rice noodles, are trụng as man trụng Hu dai Siu, then into the bowl and give new water should bring out PHO chan not by software, put in her mouth still felt the dai sật arrival rather than lumpy. Beef noodle Bowl is often just the flesh re or more encrusted, integral oil specifically Africa dried onion, water, fat and spicy roasted peanuts. Roasted peanut itself this did I associated jar of Satay Chinese soup


Human bones from pot beef, medium sized natural sweet back aromatic not wedge by accessories. Beef and cow-studded was thorough, fresh, clean and cut thin slices just enough a noodle Bowl. Who needs to eat more disturbance or re, will sell one more Cup. Or chicken egg yolk slightly, or fatty fatty see HUP water-soluble phở. After the water noodle Bowl, chan will score duodao district by some lemon and a tablespoon of Green Green ngò action Satay peanut


PHO Hoi eat the same dish of pickled papaya, sweet and sour vegetables Basil noodle Bowl makes have a very special taste. PHO Hoi An has when served with bread or rolls also don't blow

PHO address

Number 25 Le Loi, PHO Widget

No. 51/7 Phan Chu Trinh Street

Of 159 Le Hong Phong Street

No. 29 Hùng

Ancient route 339

Number 56 ton Duc Thang Street

No. 21 Phan Chu Trinh Street


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