The evening of March 9, the cultural centre-sport HO CHI MINH CITY Hoi An (Quang Nam) officially launched the program "art of water puppetry Hoi" serve visitors.

Hoi An is one of the popular destination over the years. From here, the kind of culture-traditional art was introduced to domestic and foreign tourists, contributing to the preservation and promotion of traditional culture in Vietnam. From 2014, Department of performing arts, Ministry of culture, sports and tourism has chosen to support the city of Hoi An investment in building traditional water puppet program serves people and visitors.

Mr. Vo Phung-Director of the center of culture and sport TP Hoi said, after a period of performing deployment testing, water puppet performances at the Hoi An received the applause, crowd support from local people, a number of delegations and foreign visitors. This has created motivation for Hoi An built this arts program become a real tourist products to serve the people and tourists coming to the beautiful city on the banks of the river Hoài.

the ROI nuoc

The artist performing the art of water puppetry at Hoi Debuts

Water puppetry is folk art originating from the Northern Plains to about the 10th century and were present in many provinces and cities across the country. Currently, the art of water puppetry program in Hanoi, HO CHI MINH CITY. So have land Ho Chi Minh lived in the hearts of the people and visitors. The program "art of water puppetry Festival" launched to create more of a tourist product with the expectation to renew and enrich the tourist activities at a popular destination on the tourist map; in parallel with the objective of preserving, promoting and promoting traditional culture.


The performing arts program water puppetry Hoi officially serves residents and visitors since 2/10 to

To create the identity for art performances water puppetry in Hoi An, besides the familiar repertoire of Vietnam water puppet art such as: swimming pool, fishing, sailing, dance d, 2006 children's cards. Culture-Sports Center of Hoi An has invested to build the oriental cultural characteristics such as: Apsara dance Hoi, the legend the Cu. At the same time, the Center has made a strong investment on cards, puppets, music, sound, light …, the performers are also professional training both in terms of expertise as well as lead the way to bring the audience interesting emotions about a kind of ethnic art.

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After the official premiere performances, beginning on 2/10/2015, at the Theatre Festival, residents and visitors are able to see water puppetry from 1830 the Friday evening and Saturday.

Unveiling the Gentler-dulich. dantri. launches art performances water puppetry



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