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Need job sharing

12141522_538833669607169_6465775962410704505_nCHARITY GROUP BLUE SAGE
Afternoon Group Brothers of charity Lam Hien was directly to the House of Mrs. Tran Thi Cuc born 1973 in 4 Blocks An Bang Thanh Ha Ward sister was sick Brain Atrophy (ARIMO) 7 years ago but 2 years the disease did not go back to real sister was her husband died young, she already has a daughter currently 3rd year of college you have to life thanks to the old mother is her Nguyen Thi year Residual aged 81 and British Spouses Tran Van camp population of family life too difficult. On behalf of the charity group, Blue Sage please earnestly call upon the giọi Sponsors the Benefactors and other Volunteers please because generosity help tiger at least your net support to his family to give his family a population less difficult part and create the conditions for my granddaughter to school
On behalf of the charity group, Blue Sage again please wish all you Strong siblings Injured Army benefactors, the Volunteers abundant health the Buddha Park is an evangelical and happy
Every contact Tran Van phone 0905745441 Or population
0988006770 phone number Kớ, Nguyen Huu NGUYEN VAN CO (NGUYEN HUU KO) account number 0651000782875 Vietcombank
Blue Sage Charitable Group TM
Group Secretary

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