On 2/10/2015 Blue Sage charity group and we have to do the charity at the rehabilitation center for disabled children in the South, Power district



Rehabilitation Centre for disabled children of male Power, District established in 2001. Since then the Fund's sponsor child sponsorship charity, Vietnam Germany and currently Funds the American Veterans Center should still maintain the works bring more results in the care for disabled children.

At least 15 minutes of Gentle Blue Charity Group and we had been in the Center for disabled children in South Electric Power. The staff at our Welcome Center is very affable. Here we cooked together and clean up those vegetarian dishes for you. Charity sessions take place very fun and success

Some pictures of charity:

















Thank you Blue Sage and charity groups, the benefactors were benefactors help on spiritual as well as physical to and has come to the children of this unfortunate circumstances have more confidence, happiness and motivation to overcome the difficulties in life. Thanks Vy Nguyen Flowers has created a bridge with Gentler Blue charitable group we – the people of Hoi where far away with this trip.


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