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Roll her in the gate night market.

Just steps to the night market, Nguyen Hoang, will Gershwin you a beautiful, small booths, each stacked cake is arranged, the presentation neat rhetoric. Above is a pretty modest “signs”: “roll her America”.

Untitled-1 cakes, Chutneys, rice paper roll and sweet potato rice …

 American girl Cafe selling mainly cakes, Chutneys, rice paper roll and sweet potato rice. Make sure you also do something strange with cakes and chili-two famous specialities of Hoi An. Me too, I am just the most impressive is the sweet potato roll by your husband and wife do. Cake flour is made from sweet potatoes, sprinkle some fresh ginger and sesame. Taste of bread, Sesame and greasy of sweet potatoes, bake up yellow, when the bite generated cries sounded brittle melted in the mouth.

She is one of the few who do have sweet potato cake in Hoi An in Hoi An. Although this is the rustic, little craft lyrics but is the family’s main source of income. Besides the sweet potato pies cakes and chili are also equally delicious, are you choose purchase from the prestigious Centre in Hoi An that resale prices affordable. You should be very happy funny people and visitors.

If you do not come to the night market was then able to fall in Hoi An in the day asked her booth selling American rice paper is going to have people only. In particular, she only sold the right price so you don’t bargain. She also teaches baking classes open those you need and love the sweet potato pies.

Address: 2/16 Naidu, Hoi An.

Need job sharing

12141522_538833669607169_6465775962410704505_nCHARITY GROUP BLUE SAGE
Afternoon Group Brothers of charity Lam Hien was directly to the House of Mrs. Tran Thi Cuc born 1973 in 4 Blocks An Bang Thanh Ha Ward sister was sick Brain Atrophy (ARIMO) 7 years ago but 2 years the disease did not go back to real sister was her husband died young, she already has a daughter currently 3rd year of college you have to life thanks to the old mother is her Nguyen Thi year Residual aged 81 and British Spouses Tran Van camp population of family life too difficult. On behalf of the charity group, Blue Sage please earnestly call upon the giọi Sponsors the Benefactors and other Volunteers please because generosity help tiger at least your net support to his family to give his family a population less difficult part and create the conditions for my granddaughter to school
On behalf of the charity group, Blue Sage again please wish all you Strong siblings Injured Army benefactors, the Volunteers abundant health the Buddha Park is an evangelical and happy
Every contact Tran Van phone 0905745441 Or population
0988006770 phone number Kớ, Nguyen Huu NGUYEN VAN CO (NGUYEN HUU KO) account number 0651000782875 Vietcombank
Blue Sage Charitable Group TM
Group Secretary

The spirit blows Hoi on poetry and music

Fairy still resource pages
For the one in the fairy
Look at the story of his life … "

Here is a quote of poems of honeysuckle, as well as lyrics in tales by journalist Case Reasoning scores.


Celebrate the revolutionary press Vietnam to 2013, two female journalists is Sujata musicians (music editor voice of HCMC people) and the poet Martial (Workers newspaper representative central region in Da Nang) has just released the song in the neck area. This song by Quynh Combine scores from the poem of the same name by sister Kim Ngan.


Quynh journalists and journalist Kim Ngan

Original poems as well as music were introduced to the beauty of Hoi An ancient town through the perspective of the person who made the newspapers. It is a land of fairy-like, more retro, is turning many cultures and pristine looks between the rapidly changing modern life.


The poet Martial, she shared Honeysuckle has many times come to Hoi An which never bored. "The feelings of any gradual buildup in Hoi An as the alluvial seed to one day from the alluvial seed, poem ' fairy ' was born, to talk up the strange and enduring love I have for Hoi".

Both authors are very glad when a song up festive's Eve launches ' Quang Nam-heritage cruise ' 5th-2013. The event kicks off on the evening of June 22 in An Society.

In stock analysis

Hoi An thousand years
What in the hundred years?

As already touched
Hoi An
Touch the old days
It seems that
You horizontal cloud cover
How about just enjoy the sleep.

How may days drifting drop
Recoiling back in time back to the
Madness stalked boundless gnawing
Nostalgia silence thinh wallow …

Torrential rain outside
Huai River flood waters rise high
Definitely paddle surfing on nostalgia
What's the difference in finding little salvaged chao …

Hoi An ancient town
Fairy still resource pages
For the one in the fairy
Looking at my life story …


To Hoi try dining at restaurant brother’s cafe ‘

Brother’s cafe ‘ is one of the restaurants in the chain of Khai silk Corporation System. In 2003, the Group Revealed in the system chain Silk include: brother’s cafe ‘ restaurant with restaurant South of Phan Thiet, Hoi An resort, silk products, The Guide magazine of Vietnam economic times awarded The best

Brother’s Cafe is located in the Indochina architecture style building was built in 1921, has a classic beauty. The restaurant serves local specialities and traditional Vietnamese cuisine. The customers here are served in cool green garden space, the classic colonial architecture and top service. If like this incredible delicacies, guests can participate in a cooking course includes shuttle at the hotel and the free market to learn how to choose food


The world of classical music with the conditions of work of Mozart, Tchaikovsky, … will source the endless inspiration and classic Quartet music group will create a cool atmosphere where restaurant. The impression of the cave is from the lovely fresh girl in traditional dress smiling mouth nhoẻn the always very friendly. Besides the exquisite dishes prepared according to the traditional method of hybrid strain less mixing is also the attraction of this place. Only in the restaurant brother’s café, guests can enjoy a beauty is delicate mix between traditional and modern identity. ”.

 address of Phan BOI Chau 27. The town of Hoi An. Quang Nam

Back Road Cycle To My Son


Tour Infomation

  • Cycling area:Hoi An – My Son Holy Land
  • Cycling distance:55 km
  • Departure time:00am – 8.30am
  • Tour duration:1 day
  • Activities:Cycling and sightseeing
  • Group size:Min 2 people

Experience a different way to visit the amazing Cham temples in the holyland of My Son.  This unique tour takes you through the back roads and paths, cycling through the beautiful landscapes of Central Vietnam, and seeing the lives of local people along the way.   Lunch is served at a local restaurant where we try the famous local speciality of the region.


  • Cycle along the quiet roads amid beautiful scenery
  • Visit the holy temples of the Champa kingdom which was built between the 4th to 13th century
  • Enjoy traditionally made noodles served in a local family restaurant

Program details

Back Road Cycle To My Son starts with a short local ferry ride across the Thu Bon river to Cam Kim Island where we cycle through the quiet back roads and stop for a break at a local café to sample the famous Vietnamese sweet coffee. We continue cycling along the little used route to enjoy the beautiful scenery and sample local life. At My Son we visit the amazing temples of the Cham people to learn more about this Holy Land where the Cham people worshipped Shiva, the God of war. After a lunch My Quang noodles at a local restaurant, you are transported back to Hoi An by minibus.


My Son holy-land

These magnificent structures were built of clay bricks by of the Chams between 4th – 13th century and it is unbelievable how these people constructed the temples with so few materials. My Son was always the religious heart of the Cham people and indeed, before and up to the 15th century, this unique site was as important as Ankor Wat. The site was originally made up of 75 temples but sadly only 20 temples survived the destruction of the war.

Tour includes:

-Pick up from centrally located hotel

– Bike rent, cycling helmet

– English speaking cycling guide

– Lunch served as local speciality .

– Backroads and little used paths

– Drinking water during the tour

– Entrance fee of My Son holy temple and other places as mentioned
– Car/Truck supports

Tour does not include:

– Personal expenses

– Gratuities

– Insurance

– Other services not mentioned in the itinerary

What to bring:

Hat, waterproof, sun-cream and some extra cash for personal expenses.

Please note:

  • Bring your sun cream, camera and energy drinks
  • The ride is reasonably tough for a new rider but a great challenge!

Price: 75 usd per person, minimum booking is 2 people.


PHO Hoi in particular how

Hoi Pho, a delicious cuisine, exotic medium again. Anyone ever eat PHO Hoi, go far back to the cravings cravings, remember remember the pure, sweet flavor from the bone, strong as the people of central way

Phở is a familiar dish of Hoi An people to stomach lining the stomach, warm morning evening or during late at night for those who feel hungry


internet sources

PHO Hoi too, it's styled … Hoi An. It has something weird, just as strong, just as very fat noodle type or Western cooking noodle, just like Chinese strange cooking pots and goofy Satay. Also, it is the combination of all three styles on should also. Eating PHO Hoi An just taste broth, you will detect non-bold anise flavor noodle soup water or beef noodle-like odor on the North that Ethereal, gentle, extent, any flavor just enough thoang occasionally.

Noodle yarn used here is the dried rice noodles, are trụng as man trụng Hu dai Siu, then into the bowl and give new water should bring out PHO chan not by software, put in her mouth still felt the dai sật arrival rather than lumpy. Beef noodle Bowl is often just the flesh re or more encrusted, integral oil specifically Africa dried onion, water, fat and spicy roasted peanuts. Roasted peanut itself this did I associated jar of Satay Chinese soup


Human bones from pot beef, medium sized natural sweet back aromatic not wedge by accessories. Beef and cow-studded was thorough, fresh, clean and cut thin slices just enough a noodle Bowl. Who needs to eat more disturbance or re, will sell one more Cup. Or chicken egg yolk slightly, or fatty fatty see HUP water-soluble phở. After the water noodle Bowl, chan will score duodao district by some lemon and a tablespoon of Green Green ngò action Satay peanut


PHO Hoi eat the same dish of pickled papaya, sweet and sour vegetables Basil noodle Bowl makes have a very special taste. PHO Hoi An has when served with bread or rolls also don't blow

PHO address

Number 25 Le Loi, PHO Widget

No. 51/7 Phan Chu Trinh Street

Of 159 Le Hong Phong Street

No. 29 Hùng

Ancient route 339

Number 56 ton Duc Thang Street

No. 21 Phan Chu Trinh Street

Charity trip in the rehabilitation center for disabled children in the South, Power district

On 2/10/2015 Blue Sage charity group and we have to do the charity at the rehabilitation center for disabled children in the South, Power district



Rehabilitation Centre for disabled children of male Power, District established in 2001. Since then the Fund's sponsor child sponsorship charity, Vietnam Germany and currently Funds the American Veterans Center should still maintain the works bring more results in the care for disabled children.

At least 15 minutes of Gentle Blue Charity Group and we had been in the Center for disabled children in South Electric Power. The staff at our Welcome Center is very affable. Here we cooked together and clean up those vegetarian dishes for you. Charity sessions take place very fun and success

Some pictures of charity:

















Thank you Blue Sage and charity groups, the benefactors were benefactors help on spiritual as well as physical to and has come to the children of this unfortunate circumstances have more confidence, happiness and motivation to overcome the difficulties in life. Thanks Vy Nguyen Flowers has created a bridge with Gentler Blue charitable group we – the people of Hoi where far away with this trip.

What about the "world's most beautiful and her stuff" photographer Guy Réhahn Croquevielle-French

The look in her eyes I saw the joy and happiness. Smiley's eyes expressed optimism of her love life beyond age 70. Nobody else is the "world's most beautiful Grandma stuff": she's done Two20150722-gap-quot-ba-cu-dep--the-about-the "-o-pho-co-hoi-an-1

internet sources

In motion program 24 h broadcast on 13/7 made a documentary short about her stuff with the title "model U70 in Hoi". When the REPORTER brought the picture with the title "world's most beautiful Grandma Stuff" go ask people Hoian not not recognize the person in the photo is the Second stuff done. Thus, the REPORTER easily figure out the "beautiful people" is famous in this photo. The photo was taken by a French photographer named Réhahn when he went to Vietnam, made thousands of different portrait photos to carve crisp and vivid illustrations for the beauty of the Vietnamese people.


internet sources

Thanks to the sincere love with the land and people, each corner image, author blow to landscape or portrait images are separate identities. In the summer of 2001, Réhahn to Hoi An and have special encounters with the Lady passenger boatman Bui thi. From this accidental predestined put the life of stuff she aged 74 and French photographers moved to the new page.


internet sources

Photos taken Two stuff Done on the Thu Bon River in Hoi An by Réhahn taken has posted on the page of the newspaper the Los Angeles Times on December 1, 2014 and was chosen as the cover image for the book entitled "Vietnam, mosaic of contrasts" (translates to: Vietnam-the puzzle pieces in contrast) of Réhahn. Photographer born in 1979 so in love Vietnam and so he moved to live in Hoi An by 2011, opened a small gallery and often come phượt throughout Vietnam by motorbike. A lot of beautiful portraits of people who were born in Vietnam on this trip.Buc--ba-cu-hoi-an-noi-Payam-the-about-1552862

internet sources

Hat to conceal the sunshine of summer, aboard their small boats, Two tools just Finished rowing boats just drunk talking REPORTER, throughout the process, the fresh seafood always smile blooming on lip stuff. The smile, the wrinkles on my face having their stuff seem to flood the blue spirit, friendly, and above all the gaiety of life brimming in his eyes.

When asked about the photo, "nature Three years ago, which I am 67 years old. He is going down to the boats and taken. More hello, they asked if I didn't, I found them to be the most beautiful woman on the images in the world, "said smiling crispy stuff melt obscures go almost toothless mouth and voice brought bold mark of old age.

According to the people here, there is no instrument jokes. "Always smiling stuff, see stuff is stuff jokes, maybe stuff her very happy", "labor Tools very hard but always optimistic love life, feel I'm still young, to try more", the Hoi An people share.

Nice tools, tool eye is fresh looks fun, smile of the instrument has spread by someone who saw the smile and the eyes of the instruments are real sensory smiling. Asked why the instrument can always laugh laughing and stuff, then answer the mere: "Familiar".

"The poor are poor Themselves, that are happy. Well, you see at the hungry? ", the share of instruments will probably make the world jealous. Busy life, anxiety, not everyone can keep his permanent smile on the lips and a positive attitude in life. The story of stuff she is the world's most beautiful precious message for each of us, that though the difficult but always smiling and positive life. By your smile is exactly messages spread happiness in life.

Does the image of the stuff Done also appears on Bui Thi magazines, travel publications in many countries.

Tra Que village’s vegetables add value to exalted Hoi An cuisine

Tra Que Village, about 3 kilometers from Hoi An, is home to nearly 20 hectares of vegetable fields.



If you are a fan of Hoi An’s popular foods like rice noodle cao lau, chicken rice, and prawn rolls locally known as tom huu, you definitely must visit Tra Que village, some three kilometers from the town.

The 300-year-old village is one of the country’s best vegetable producers though it is better known for homestay and agritourism among foreign tourists.

In fact more than 20 varieties of leaf vegetables produced at Tra Que are commonly used in Hoi An cuisine.

The greens are often praised for being not only organic but also having unique flavors, as local farmers stick to their traditional growing methods that are hundreds of years old – like using weeds taken from nearby De Vong River as fertilizers and not using any chemicals.

Thanks to Tra Que’s vegetables, Hoi An foods are best in their birthplace despite the fact that they can now be found in many other places around Vietnam.

At the village, even if you have no interest in getting your hands dirty by playing farmers, the experience will not be less enjoyable with trips to family-run eating places around fields.

A lot of dishes are worth checking out even if you have had them before. Like the tasty tom huu in which leaves are wrapped around prawns and pork and the rolls are held together by slim green spring onions and the strongly flavored stir-fried mussels with Vietnamese coriander and green onions, just to name a few.download

Tra Que farmers grow vegetables using their centuries-old, organic methods

Vegetables get clean water and are fertilized with nutritious weeds obtained from a nearby river

The veggies are free of chemicals and look good regardless of the holes caused by worms


du-lich-hoi-an-ivivu.com-12   tra_que 

Tra que

Foreign tourists play farmers at Tra Que

 Sitting at one of little restaurants in Tra Que, one can feast their eyes on this beautiful scene

Vietnam UNESCO heritage threatened by erosion as dams stop sedimentation

imagesAn eroded section at the Cua Dai Beach in Hoi An.

 Hydropower dams on the Vu Gia – Thu Bon River system has hindered sedimentation downstream, causing severe erosion that could wipe out a popular beach in Hoi An town, experts warn.

“Climate change with a sea-level rise of 30cm is not the only reason for the current speed of erosion of Cua Dai Beach,” Vu Thanh Ca of the Scientific Research Institute of Sea and Islands said.

“The major cause is a significant change in sedimentation in the Vu Gia – Thu Bon river system that flows into the East Sea near Cua Dai,” Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper quoted him as saying.

At many conferences to discuss prevention of erosion in Hoi An, a UNESCO heritage site that has suffered serious coastal erosion since last October, scientists have identified upstream hydropower dams and sand dredging in the river as the problem.


According to the Quang Nam Province People’s Committee, the Vu Gia Thu Bon has 42 hydropower dams.

“There has been a surge in dam building in the past three years, leading to a significant reduction in sediments being washed down to the estuary in the beach town of Hoi An,” Ca said.

Le Cong Sy, an official in the town’s Cua Dai Ward, said the sea has moved 150 meters inland in the past eight years and at an increasing pace, reaching a further 30 meters inland in a single month last October.

A total of six resorts on Cua Dai Beach are at risk of falling off into the advancing sea, with two recently completed resorts failing to open due to the erosion.

Professor Hitoshi Tanaka of Tohoku University in Japan also said lack of sediments from upstream is the major reason, because erosion began from the estuary before spreading to the coastline.

Quang Nam authorities have granted licenses to 15 companies to mine sand from the Vu Gia – Thu Bon River. Another 40 have applied for licenses.

Ca said there should be a complete ban on sand mining in the river and construction of dikes along the coast.

Tran Thanh Tung, a lecturer at the Hanoi-based Irrigation University, suggested replacing the sand in eroded areas and planting protective forests.

Nguyen Su, the outgoing chief of Hoi An Party unit, said human elements had caused erosion.

“If it loses 7km of Cua Dai Beach, Hoi An will be no longer an attractive tourist destination.”